Do i really need proteinpulver?

Some dieticians believe that one does not need extra protein, supplements because it is possible to get enough protein through diet. This is essentially true. Protein found naturally in meat, dairy products, legumes and many other food products. Do you train at a little higher level, however, requires a lot of work to get enough protein. Even for those who may only exercise a few times a week, it can be difficult to get enough depending on the kind of food you prefer and how much time you have to plan their meals.


It has also been shown that the intake of protein powder immediately after exercise gives a very good effect on protein synthesis. Depending on the powder gives a concentrated dose of protein can actually not a banana or a sandwich to give the same effect. In addition, it is easy to bring protein powder and definitely cheaper than the ingestion of protein by eating a lot of meat products.

What protein does with my body

proteinpulver-1Protein is an essential nutrient that the body uses to repair tissue, building hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes. From the training point of view, it is important to understand that muscles are composed of protein and grow when the protein is formed called protein synthesis. Every time you exercise your muscles break down, which is called the protein digestion, and then you get in you enough protein to have fuel to protein synthesis to build up your muscles again. By eating a lot of protein, decrease protein breakdown and increases protein synthesis. You don’t have to then lose muscle mass and burn more fat at the same time as it becomes easier to put on more muscle. Even people suffering from underweight or is laktovegetarianer may need extra protein. Ad: Get yourself a truckkörkort today.

Proteinpulver facts

Protein is needed to build up the body. Proteins are made up of 22 different amino acids. Eight of these amino acids, the body does not manufacture itself and must therefore be supplied through your diet. They are, of course, to get by everyday food but sometimes is not enough there. Fortunately, there are a number of products on the market today that can give you this additional and important contribution. There are several different types of protein powder that mainly differ in what they are made of. it can make protein powder of whey, casein, egg white, rice, peas and hemp. Many who coaches prefer vassleprodukterna which in English is called whey. Min laserbehandling ögon hår hud

Is kreatin doping?

The topic itself is not dopningsclassed but there are studies that found something called pro hormones in creatine products even though they have been specified on the jar. No one wants to get in to doping substances classed but especially for those who want to compete, it is therefore important to obtain much information and buy the right products.


Creatine is a now well known and established dietary supplements that are used and recommended by everyone from fitness trainer to top sportsmen so maybe it’s time to try out what it can do for you?

Is Kreatin dangerous?

hårborttagning-3The use of this substance and its possible side effects has been a controversial topic for years. At this point, a number of studies have been made and no one has yet shown no serious side effects in a larger scale except possibly unwanted weight gain. Some volunteers have had stomach problems but then often after larger intakes than recommended and then not taken its duty in connection with meals as recommended. People with kidney problems are also discouraged from taking creatine and teenagers under 18 years of age because no adequate studies are available for the group. Advertisement: get your truckkort here.

How does kreatin work?

kosttillskottKreatinets function in the body is mainly to serve as a energibuffert and has several effects on athletic performance. The most obvious is that you get to increase anaerobic endurance. you get a little extra energy and stamina to perform and work out a little better. It also provides a little faster recovery, contributes to a slightly increased muscle mass and helps the body store extra water. The topic therefore gives you increased strength and power development. In other words, the extra boost that can sometimes seem so necessary. Get strong hands so you can take a truckutbildning.

Kreatin facts

Creatine is a substance that helps your muscles to convert stored energy into kinetic energy. It consists of three different amino acids and is found naturally in the body. The topic also goes to get food products such as fish and meat but since it would involve excessive prefer most practicing to take it as a dietary supplement. For example, you would need to eat about a pound of meat each day to get a normal dose of 5 g of creatine a day.


Creatine should be ingested daily, and is sold as a powder that is mixed with water and in the form of capsules. Unlike those of other supplements, it doesn’t matter when you take their creatine.


It is used by many elite athletes and not just those who want to build extra muscle mass. The injection was given. a lot of attention when the football legend Zinedine Zidane went out with that he used it, and now there are reports that nearly 40 percent of English football players using the substance.

Will Gainer make me fat?

Although the name brings to mind the weight gain does not automatically gain weight by drinking gainer, if not it is the actual goal. It is designed to be used primarily as a recovery drink right after a workout to help your body to repair and rebuild itself which will help you in your training. Then, if you gain weight, it depends rather on what you eat. Some claim that this drink also works for those who want to lose weight. As gainer is a recovery drink that provides maximum recovery do you have better conditions to keep your calorie intake low during the rest of the day without having to worry that it will adversely affect your training. Advertisemen: find a jurist göteborg by the link.

Can gainer help me?

To get carbohydrates and proteins at the right time is very important when training. Carbohydrates are your optimal fuel for high-intensity physical training. To be able to train hard at the next pass, you need to replenish your stock of carbohydrates. That is why it is great to replenish these stocks are already directly after training. Your muscles have just after exercise large capacity to store new carbohydrates which is why they must be fast carbohydrates you use IE. easy for the body to digest. In addition, intake of carbohydrates to produce insulin. Insulin is a substance which counteracts the hormone cortisol which gives signals to the body breaking down muscles. After training increases kortisolhalten in the body which also affects your immune system. By directly drink a gainer gets you quickly up insulin levels. It contains also proteins that, as I said then acts as the body’s building blocks to rebuild muscle, bigger and stronger than before.